Deflated to Elated!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our first post I would like to take you on the journey of how it came to be that we own this VW Kombi 1975 Microbus, how we named it Jazzy and how she is now a stunning wedding and event vehicle. The story of how Kombis I Do was created it has passion, determination and hope and is inspiring, exciting and has some serendipity moments sewn into it along the way.

This goes back to July last year 2016 and was an interesting story and experience that we wan to share so you can understand who we are and get to know us a little better. I bet you are thinking that there can not be too much involved in buying a Kombi right? Well to say the least you would be correct but maybe making it sound a lot more simple than it actually is. It was a long, drawn out process that was a nightmare at times and filled with the hopes of the next and the next being the right one, only to be hit with those gut instinct thoughts ” This is not it,  there seems too many things wrong with it, it’s too risky?” These feelings of inner knowing that we should not pay that deposit and move on.  Who would of thought that this much time, thought and patience went into locating our VW Kombi and finally making that exciting, scary purchase and handing over our funds. In our minds we had serious plans for the one we ended up with, it was an investment  into our dream that had to work and it needed to be handled very carefully.

After much disappointment after searching all over N.S.W/VIC for 5 months and also flying up to QLD for a day to go and inspect a potential purchase, our prayers were answered and we were led to our Kombi that was affectionately name “Amelia” after the previous owners daughter. This was to be found locally only an hours drive from home in a town called Wonthaggi. We just could not believe it, it has been there under our nose all this time but the timing had not been right. The searching was over and it had only taken us 5 months, lol. As a couple we were tired and really over it and there was such a sigh of relief for both of us. We knew we had a new chapter beginning and it was going to be fantastic but getting a good nights sleep to re boost was what we needed after the QLD debacle.

How did we find our Kombi I hear you asking?  First I have to take you back a little bit to the following morning after that sleep I mentioned earlier. It was a tough night for me as a wife.  I was emotional about what my husband Pete had been through and I also had to accept that the Kombi I had fallen in love with was not going to be ours and come to terms with letting it go, yes I know it was not a puppy lol but to us it was important and really believed we had found it and could begin our project of restoration.

So that brings me to Facebook and posting our statuses is a wonderful thing and as we all do it these days, express how we feel, share our thoughts, ideas and lives with others. Yeah see you can relate I bet but to my surprise I expressed my disappointment in a post on a popular Kombi group called Kombi Club not ever expecting what happened next.

We received a flood of support and encouragement from passionate Kombi enthusiasts telling us not to give up the search in finding the “1.” It was amazing reading all of these and interacting with people who had been in the same position as us when they were on their journey of buying a Kombi. I must of got 50 or 60 messages, it restored faith in us and the process.

It was very humbling and we appreciated all the kind words and support given but to our blessing in amongst all of those comments was a friend of the man we would go on to purchase this amazing Vehicle from. He sent us a phone number to call as he knew his  dear friend would not be able to keep his beloved Kombi any longer and was selling it due to health reasons. He was a Volkswagen specialist and ran a business in restorations and repairs, more about this lovely man later.

We were not sure if we had the energy to call as Pete was still exhausted from flying up to QLD the day before and we were still bitter about that particular seller being deceitful and not describing it to its true condition. Pete was looking for no rust and a solid motor with minor things we could do to get it roadworthy but he was greeted with an heap of mechanical issues an a vehicle that was touched by pockets of rust in too many places. Pete specifically told the seller that he would like him to only turn the engine on after he gets there but he ignored this and had it started and it was running hot when he came to inspect. Pete being the mechanic knows what he needed to do his check list and make sure things were good. That is defiantly not my area of expertise, give me things to design, create and organize any day of the week, lol. This was not our ideal scenario and after wasting 2 weeks planning for this trip and finally seeing it in person, it was upsetting we had been led up the garden path so to speak by the seller.

As that quiet Sunday morning passed by and we were reading one supportive comment after another , we decided we could not let the chance to see a local Kombi pass us by and the excitement had returned when we got reenergized about getting back on the searching journey. These wonderful people helped us make that call and once we had that chat to the seller we had to go and see for ourselves. We couldn’t help but think ” this could be the 1!” but really how could we miss this opportunity because lets face it no one really wants to purchase a vehicle from interstate if they don’t have to. Imagine as a VW enthusiast having the chance to look over the bus yourself and check for all the things on that long list of  ” good things and bad things” that usually happen with Kombis that are aged 40 years or more.  Come on this is a classic car we were talking about here, there can be a heap of things really wrong after so many decades have past. Not to mention it also depends on the owner and how well it’s been cherished. We just had to go, so we gathered our family and we went on our next adventure to inspect and see if this was going to be where our search ended. Be sure to follow our blog so you can hear all about that day in my next post.